For over 20 years, Meredith & Co has been providing independent surveying services of the highest quality. Founded by J.B Meredith FRICS, the company offers reasoned and informed judgement to aid homebuyers and commercial operators.

In addition to providing standard services such as the respected RICS Homebuyer Survey & Valuation, Meredith & Co also offers specialist advice in key areas including Electromagnetic Fields.

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Home Buyer Surveys: independent structural surveys for residential and commercial property in London and the South East, Home Counties House survey building surveyors structural engineers report surveyor engineer homebuyers reports London Barking Barnet Bexley Brent Bromley Camden Croydon Structural engineering implications of the London Traffic Survey Based in London & Kent we provide our a pre purchase inspection service across ... valuation survey up to a thorough building survey or structural survey. London, England. Two phases of Fire Compartmentation Survey to determine fire resisting capabilities of structural elements. Purchasing a property to live or work in is the biggest financial commitment most people make in their lifetime, astonishingly as many as 80% of purchasers do not commission an independent survey. OK, a survey may cost several hundred pounds at a time when money is tight, but it will almost certainly draw your attention to defects that you didn't know existed or the seriousness of which you may not have appreciated. pre-purchase inspections of both residential and commercial property. Based in London & Kent we provide our a pre purchase inspection service across the whole of South East England. We can provide a full range of inspections and reports, ranging from a very basic valuation survey up to a thorough building survey or structural survey These defects may require considerable immediate or future expenditure, or in the extreme make a property virtually impossible to sell. Suddenly a modest investment in a survey becomes money well spent. Roll your mouse over the house below to see where defects were found. Looking to purchase a flat or house in West London? For a relatively small sum, Meredith & Co will carry out a full RICS Homebuyer Survey & Valuation (HSV) giving you peace of mind and comfort in your major investment decision. An HSV is a service carried out to a standard format, defined by RICS. It is primarily designed for conventional properties built within the last 150 years and focuses on surveying for any major or urgent matters. View example >> In addition to the standard RICS information below, all our reports have colour photographs to aid with interpretation. The property's general condition and open market value Any major faults in accessible parts of the property Urgent matters that need assessing before exchanging contracts including recommendations for any further specialist inspections Results of any testing of walls for damp and timbers for rot Comments on the existence and condition of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (although drains are not tested) The recommended costs of re-constructing a building in the event of damage (such as fire) for insurance purposes Building Surveys: Meredith & Co supports a wide range of services for Residential and Commercial clients. In addition to the homebuyer survey, we can prepare more verbose reports covering higher value homes and commercial buildings. The fees for these longer reports are normally negotiated on a bespoke basis. A Building Survey will typically cover the points referred to on Homebuyer survey , but dealt with in greater written detail. Looking to combine a Building Survey with a valuation ? Valuations: Meredith & Co can prepare detailed valuations for a wide range of purposes. Some of our typical engagements include: Mortgage lenders Banks Family Trusts Probate Matrimonial Purposes Fees by arrangement. Specialist Areas: Meredith & Co have been concerned with the adverse effects of Electromagnetic fields and Radio Frequency interference on property and its occupiers for the last ten years. The topic has a profile that fluctuates as the years pass, but it does not go away. The firm prepares reports for commercial and residential occupiers and owners on request and has negotiated compensation payments with national grid in the past. Fees by arrangement. Frequently asked questions If I decide to use your service what timescale are we speaking of? Our reports are normally prepared and dispatched within two working days What types of survey are available? There are two types (light and heavier) and you should read the Guidance Note on the following pages. Essentially the less expensive type is known as a Home Buyer's Report and the more extensive report, which is usually reserved for larger or older houses, is known as a Building Survey. If I am purchasing a flat what report would you suggest? Invariably the Home Buyer's report is sufficient for the purpose. Am I able to see a sample report before I commit? On receipt of your e-mail we will gladly submit a recent sample to your perusal Are your reports illustrated? All our reports have an appropriate group of photographs of the property included If I have any particular concerns are you able to address those specially? On receipt of a concise note from you we will be happy to address individual points in the body of the report and discuss them later also. On what basis do you charge fees? As with many property costs surveyors fees normally have regard to value but they are negotiable. At the time of writing our minimum for a report on a flat would be 600 and for a house 800, to which VAT must be added. After I have received the report is any further help offered? Although we normally work alone at the time of inspection we are always happy to meet the client at the property, after the report has been read, in order to clarify any points of concern. Is your firm insured? In common with all Chartered Surveyors we are obliged to carry appropriate professional indemnity insurance. How do I pay you, and when? At the time the report is dispatched to you an invoice will be included and if you could please pay this within seven days this would be appreciated. We do take major credit cards and we can provide bank details upon request for transfers.