Building Surveys

For residential and commercial clients we will prepare detailed building surveys. These are most relevant for higher value homes and commercial buildings. The building survey provides a comprehensive breakdown of the structure and condition of the property, it will list defects and advise on repairs and maintenance. You can ask the surveyor to examine particular aspects in greater detail if desired. The survey is thorough and will check the condition of everything from roof tiles down to drainage. We use our knowledge of London built up over many years to consider the local area and any possible blight, for example: electromagnetic fields from grid sub stations or mobile network base stations, flooding or crime.

For larger properties we can instruct specialists to undertake comprehensive plumbing and electrical system checks. The fees for building surveys are negotiated on an individual basis and depending on the size of the property it may take a day to complete. Buildings surveys are particularly useful if you're buying an older or unusual property, or one that's in a poor condition.

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